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About Simon Data

Simon Data is the Customer Data Platform that enables you to drive marketing results faster. After multiple years of rapid growth, Simon Data found themselves stuck with an exceedingly manual purchasing process and several overpriced software agreements.

Stakeholders were accustomed to buying rapidly with little diligence, and the Simon Data finance team wanted to instill a real procurement process that would exert control over their SaaS expenses.

The Challenge

  • Dramatic growth through 2019 resulted in an increase in software tools with little cost diligence
  • After surpassing 150 employees, Simon Data could no longer rely on a small number of executives to negotiate all of their contracts
  • They had no way of knowing whether they were getting fair prices on any of their existing contracts
“Tropic’s knowledge of the software vendor ecosystem is beyond valuable.”

Adam Vojdany

SVP, Business Development & Finance

The Solution

  • Purchasing process migrated onto Tropic platform, and renewals managed by Assisted Purchasing service
  • Through Tropic’s platform, Finance, IT, and Business Stakeholders have a centralized view of all contracts and processes
  • Assisted Purchasing team engages contract owners proactively at renewal, ensuring no missed auto-renews and advantageous negotiations

The Results

  • Simon Data saved 25% across all SaaS contracts
  • Finance team able to allocate 15% of their time to other, high-value activities
  • Business team has 50% higher satisfaction with vendors by outsourcing the purchasing process

“I like working with Tropic because I can give them the reins and don’t have to worry about whether we’re getting ripped off by vendors,” said Adam Vojdany. “They work with our team without disrupting their day to day, and I always know what’s going on with our contracts.”

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