For Finance Teams

Control every dollar. Minimize waste. Maximize savings.  

Finance teams are our biggest advocates. That's because Tropic lets them connect spend data, implement financial controls, and shift all their processes into a single platform. It gives them unprecedented visibility and savings.

Uncover the full story

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Unify contract metadata, budgets, transactions, and usage for a full 360° view into every supplier.

Never miss another renewal

Track usage to rightsize or rationalize

Integrate key systems and tools

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Streamline your process

Build your financial policies into every purchase. Say goodbye to Wiki entries, manual policing, and costly mistakes with a centralized process your teams will actually use.

Intelligent intake

Control every request with one URL that powers purchasing across your business. Capture every detail upfront to avoid issues down the road.

Automate approvals

Configure rule-based workflow logic that loops IT, finance, procurement, and legal into the process at the right time every time.

Financial controls

Maintain compliance without oversight. Set-it-and-forget-it financial controls ensure every request, approval, PO, and payment is compliant.

Stick to your budget

Prevent spending from veering off course. Map every purchase to a budget. Bring budget vs. expected vs. actuals into a single view.

Get alerts for unbudgeted requests

Prevent overages before they happen

Reporting for every tool and team

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Boost your bottom line

Identify every savings opportunity and take action in seconds—on your terms. Leverage data to negotiate smarter.

Uncover unused licenses and tools

Consolidate overlapping and duplicate tools

Identify and minimize shadow spend risks

Tap into our team of procurement experts

No procurement team? No problem. Sit back, relax, and let Tropic’s experts guide or drive your purchases. Our team has maximized savings across tens of thousands of negotiations.

Expert Advisory

Expert Advisory is like sonar for sailing. We’ll guide your team with detailed pricing benchmarks, supplier-specific negotiation playbooks, and coaching calls throughout the process.

Fully-Assisted Purchasing

Put purchasing on autopilot with Assisted Purchasing. We’ll take control and negotiate on your company's behalf, handling all communications to maximize savings outcomes on every purchase.

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