Straightforward Pricing with Guaranteed Performance

We charge a flat monthly fee based on your spend volume, and we guarantee a multiple of savings on top of that fee.

What is your yearly software spend?

Expected Savings
Guaranteed ROI
$4,167 /Month
$6,944 /Month
$10,417 /Month
$16,667 /Month
Savings Guarantee
Price Benchmarks
1 Procurement Manager + CSM
2 Procurement Managers + CSM
Contract Management
Unlimited Purchases
Unlimited RFP Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I negotiate a fair amount of this on my own? Why should I invest in Tropic?

You are likely already negotiating on your own and certainly could continue should you choose to. We support you with Tropic Strategic Buyers, who are seasoned negotiators with deep knowledge on the software industry. Our Buyers repeatedly handle a high volume of contract negotiations for major enterprises in a variety of industries, giving us insights into how to get to the best deals quickly.

I just renegotiated all of my contracts. Am I a bad fit for this service?

You're a perfect fit for our services. This is true for most of our clients. All of the agreements you just renegotiated will come up for renewal this year, and vendors will be looking to recoup their losses. Now is the time to plan a strategy for how to protect your spend at each of these moments, not to mention the unforeseen new agreements that will trickle in between now and then.

What if I don't have my contracts in one place?

Not a problem. We'll engage each contract owner and gather them for you. From there, we can easily track your renewals and notify stakeholders as they come up.

Isn't this going to take a ton of my time?

No. We will track your contracts for you and engage your stakeholders for you. All we need from you is approval on our strategy. We'll take it from there.

How do you charge? How is this rate calculated?

We charge flat rates only, which protects your upside. We calculate our rates based on what you are spending on SaaS, which is a good indicator of the level of effort for us.

How does the guarantee work?

We guarantee a savings multiple on your monthly fee. If you're paying us $1000 and we guarantee 3X, we are responsible for driving $3000 in savings. If we fail to do so, we will pay you back such that the savings you received were 3X. If you receive no savings, we will refund all your money.

How do you calculate savings?

We look at savings as the delta between what an agreement would have cost without Tropic vs. what it costs with our involvement. (1) For new agreements, this is the difference between the quote and the agreement. (2) For flat renewals, this is the difference between the current value and the new value. (3) For increasing renewals, this is the difference between the proposed increase and the final price. Finally, we also look at platform consolidation and license optimization, comparing the previous cost to support a given function vs. the cost after we were involved.