Tropic + Slack

Keep purchases on track with Slack

Keep your purchasing process humming along with real-time Slack notifications that ensure no requests, renewals, approvals, or mentions go unnoticed. 

Cater to communication preferences

Everyone's communication styles are different. Some love email. Some love slack. Some want both. We let every team member configure their desired preferences. 

Monitor your request

Confirm your request is on the road to approval. Once submitted, requestors receive a confirmation message followed by status updates as it moves through the approval process.

Juggle multiple tasks

Purchasing can involve many complex conversations between multiple teams. Tropic only flags you with a notification when you’re assigned tasks or when it’s time to listen in.

“The Slack notifications have been really helpful to keep me updated and aware of everything we need to do related to contracts.”

Megan Kahout, Chief Revenue Office @ Inkbox

Tackle renewals proactively

Tropic tracks renewal windows automatically, and sends you Slack reminders well in advance.

Maximize leverage on every negotiation with the most powerful tool at your disposal: time.

Are you an existing customer looking to get started? Check out our configuration documentation.

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