Spend Optimization

See and seize every opportunity to save

Identify every savings opportunity and take action in seconds—on your terms. Rightsize agreements, eliminate shadow IT, minimize overlap, and negotiate with better leverage.

Minimize Shadow IT risk

Unapproved tools threaten your bottom line and your company's security. Don’t worry, Tropic’s Shadow IT detection shines a light on unapproved tools. 

We’ll check every transaction and alert you if any tool isn’t properly vetted or budgeted.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Uncover unused licenses and tools

Paying for licenses and tools you don’t use is like lighting money on fire.

Tropic’s SaaS management integrations keep track of provisioned licenses and usage activity. Know exactly what you should or shouldn’t be paying for.

Consolidate duplicate tools

As your tech stack grows, so does the list of tools with overlapping functionality.

Tropic’s Supplier Graph augments your supplier data to flag any applications that might be duplicative. We’ll even recommend consolidation options.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Find a better alternative

If your team isn’t satisfied with a current supplier, Sourcing Intelligence will suggest alternatives options.

Leverage usage and purchasing benchmarks for thousands of suppliers to ensure you avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Boost your bottom line with procurement services

Ready to negotiate more effectively? Tropic’s team of category and supplier-specific experts are here to help with plug-and-play services that can serve as your negotiation captain or first mate.

Expert Advisory

Expert Advisory is like sonar for sailing. We’ll guide your team with detailed pricing benchmarks, supplier-specific negotiation playbooks, and coaching calls throughout the process.

Fully-Assisted Purchasing

Put purchasing on autopilot with Assisted Purchasing. We’ll take control and negotiate on your company's behalf, handling all communications to maximize savings outcomes on every purchase.

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