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The Negotiation Toolkit

Access a suite of templates and guides that will level up your negotiation skills so you can be a more effective negotiator and win better deals.

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Start with our Cheat Sheets

The Negotiation Cheat Sheets are quick and effective step-by-step resources to keep in your back pocket for your next renewal or purchase.

Easier, Faster, Better Negotiations

Successful negotiations lead to a win-win outcome and set the tone for a strong partnership long-term. The more experience you get under your belt, the better you’ll become at negotiating.

The Tropic team negotiates thousands of deals for our customers with over $6B in spend data, so we know exactly which strategic levers to pull for each supplier in the market. That’s why we’re sharing our best practices, giving you the key to drive your own negotiations with The Negotiation Toolkit.

What’s Inside the Toolkit:

The cheat sheets are just the tip of the negotiation iceberg. The toolkit will arm you with the strategies, skills, & tools you need to master negotiations. If you’re ready to become a more effective negotiator, save your company money, and get more time back, grab your free copy of The Negotiation Toolkit.

New Purchase and Renewal Cheat Sheets

Negotiation Preparation Guide

10 Essential Negotiation Questions

9 Soft Skills for Successful Negotiations

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