Approval Collaboration

Step up your purchasing productivity

With Tropic, collaboration is centralized, streamlined, and intuitive, making it the most efficient way for your company to make purchases.

Keep track of every task

Workflows automatically create/assign tasks and then mark them complete when key actions are taken, like uploading a document.

Keep track of company-wide tasks with a centralized request board.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Free your team from email

Centralize communications on the platform for visibility and auditing. Chat live with your teams and Tropic experts about any request or task. Tag teammates to loop them into decision-making.

Procurement Paradise

Remove administrative burdens

Give team members access to an intuitive portal where they can kick off requests, collaborate on assigned tasks, and view the status of requests. All without any administrative burden.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

End auto-renews forever

Tropic’s notification center pushes alerts to your channel of choice when actions need to be taken. Receive focused information via Slack or email.

Connect your favorite tools

Tropic integrates directly into existing workflow tools to increase adoption.

Complete a task from Slack, your CLM, or your ERP. Tropic doesn’t change the way you work; it supercharges it.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

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