Tropic + QuickBooks Online

Sync and enrich QBO transactions with supplier data

Many organizations use QuickBooks Online to track subscriptions and transactions. Tropic’s QBO integration makes sure every dollar and detail is accounted for—automatically.

SaaS management and spend data under one roof

Understanding the spend lifecycle can be difficult with employees and departments purchasing SaaS subscriptions without centralized coordination. In fact, most companies have to log in to three different tools just to keep track of everything.

Tropic’s supplier profiles hold everything about about a supplier—approval timeline, contracts, security documents, SaaS usage, budgets, and much more. With Tropic’s QBO integration, you can add transactions and actual spend to that list, creating a 360° into every supplier. 

Mapped suppliers will auto-sync in real-time. 

Monitor expected vs actual vs budgeted spend

Software costs can change and add up quickly. We’ll track actual costs alongside contract values and budgets. Get a notification when transactions approach or exceed the expected amounts. 

Give teams access to spend data

QBO access is often limited to financial stakeholders given the sensitive data stored in it. Tropic removes the manual burden on accounting to pull reports. Give department heads, operations teams, and key stakeholders the ability to view reports and spend data across the tools they own. 

Put an end to rogue spend

See a view of every transaction in Tropic, including transactions that don’t map to any of your known suppliers.  Automatically create supplier profiles for every supplier and match every transaction, giving you a view into purchases made outside your process.

Gathering all spend in one place gives you greater visibility into unapproved transactions and undocumented supplier agreements, empowering you to wrangle in rogue spend.

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