Sourcing Intelligence

Sourcing Intelligence you can trust

Built on Tropic’s Supplier Graph, Discover is the largest unbiased database of SaaS suppliers. Leverage benchmark data and expert advice to source new suppliers or negotiate renewals.

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Increase your purchasing power

Tropic manages billions of dollars for hundreds of companies. Discover gives you access to the holy grail of supplier intelligence:

Pricing benchmarks for thousands of suppliers

See which suppliers are trending

Fully evaluate common alternatives

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Source and save with confidence

Most other platforms and marketplaces attempt to profit from both sides of the market. This destroys data integrity and costs you savings. Tropic provides only unbiased data, on-demand, so you can spend more time on strategic sourcing.  

End duplicate spend

When researching a supplier ("Does my company already use Asana?") Tropic shows you whether that supplier or a similar tool is already in use, and lets you see who owns the supplier relationship.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Expert advice and guidance on-demand

Ask Tropic’s team of supplier-specific experts to guide your decisions. Want help negotiating the best price possible? We've got you covered.

Expert Advisory

Expert Advisory is like sonar for sailing. We’ll guide your team with detailed pricing benchmarks, supplier-specific negotiation playbooks, and coaching calls throughout the process.

Fully-Assisted Purchasing

Put purchasing on autopilot with Assisted Purchasing. We’ll take control and negotiate on your company's behalf, handling all communications to maximize savings outcomes on every purchase.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Go from research to request
in one click

Sourcing Intelligence is seamlessly integrated with our intake forms, allowing anyone at your company to kick off a purchase request. 

Approval workflows take care of routing every request to the right stakeholders.

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