Assisted Purchasing

Meet your turnkey procurement partner

Assisted Purchasing saves you a ton of time, money, and headaches—all while providing an unmatched experience working with your suppliers.

We’ve got you covered

Our team fights for favorable outcomes using data, tactics, and learnings from tens of thousands of negotiations.

When you leverage Tropic for Assisted Purchasing, you’re adding an army of category - and supplier - specific experts that do this all day, every day.

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“It was the service that really stood out to me. It was clear we were dealing with world-class procurement professionals.”
Steve McMullen headshot

Steve McMullen

VP of Business Operations, Broadlume

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Savings without the stress

Save yourself from endless email threads and multiple migraines. We’ll gather the mission-critical requirements and then get to work — taking care of all the back-and-forth communication, document gathering, and negotiating.

Just share your shopping list, we’ll handle the rest.​

Procurement Paradise

Consider us an extension of your team

No task is too big, no question too small.
Our experts are only one click or call away anytime.

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Close deals on your terms

Our team oversees approvals and enforces your procurement, finance, and IT requirements with every purchase. Sleep well knowing you get 100% compliance overnight.

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“We felt most confident with Tropic's ability to drive the savings we needed. We didn't expect they'd also drive our end-to-end procurement process.”
Ryan Roccon headshot

Ryan Roccon

VP of Finance, Zapier

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We only represent you

Other negotiation services and advisory firms quietly profit from both sides of the market. Not Tropic. We created our Code of Ethics to remove bias and incentives from our process.

Your outcomes are our only priority. We guarantee it.

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