For Procurement Teams

Supercharge your procurement team

Already have an established procurement function? We're here to assist, not replace. Arm your team with information and improve their processes. Leverage benchmark data for thousands of suppliers. Seize every opportunity to save.

Streamline intake

Provide one URL that powers purchasing across your entire business. Intelligent forms capture every detail upfront to make compliance a breeze.

Support every spend category

Enforce policies automatically

Collect category-specific questions

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Automate approvals

Configure rule-based workflow logic that loops IT, finance, procurement, and legal into the process at the right time every time.

Click-to-add workflow builder

Dynamically route every request

Eliminate inbox fatigue

Make sourcing strategic

Tropic’s Supplier Graph uncovers key insights across thousands of suppliers. Research a category, pull benchmarks, and view trends—all in a matter of minutes.

Data from $2B+ in spend (and growing)

Backed by our bias-free guarantee

Increase leverage on every purchase

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

One dashboard for procurement

Stop hunting for data across separate systems. Unify your contract metadata, SKUs, SaaS usage, budgets, and actual spend in one centralized source of truth. Orchestrate your entire procurement process with Tropic.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Get expert advice

Want a procurement partner? Our experts can guide your team with detailed pricing benchmarks, supplier-specific negotiation playbooks, and coaching calls throughout the process.

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