Inside Tropic: Award-Winning Culture, Rave Employee Reviews

Tropic Staff
March 20, 2023

Since its founding, Tropic has intentionally focused on creating a great place to work. Building a positive, people-centric company culture that challenges the stereotypical toxic startup environment, has always been top of mind for the team—especially as a remote-first company.

We realize that life is so much more than just work. As Dave Campbell (Founder + CEO) highlighted in a social post: “We have lots of families at Tropic, and our employees know that WE know that family comes first.”

Tropic has landed on several “top workplaces” lists, and we have a 5-star rating on Glassdoor with more than 70 reviews. The accolades have been validating, and they motivate us to continue on this journey as we grow as an organization.

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Working at Tropic will be the best ROI of your career

CEO Dave Campbell explained the company’s approach in a recent all-hands:

“Our goal at Tropic is to deliver the highest ROI possible to every employee for their time investment in us. We’re dedicated to helping you advance your career as rapidly as we can, whether it be through deeper learning in your area of expertise, or opportunities to move horizontally throughout the organization.

CEO Dave Campbell talks about the importance of culture at Tropic.

We really do our best to keep it real at Tropic and encourage everyone to be the person that they actually are at work. What you think of as your imperfections might be your greatest strength. Everyone here has a voice. Every metric is shared with you. No one is judged. Mistakes are acknowledged. Every employee has the ability to shape our future with their ideas.”

Brian O'Connor

“Bottom line: At Tropic, the work I’ve put in has yielded greater contributions and learnings than at previous jobs. I have had the opportunity to contribute to scaling Tropic’s sales team and business, through taking on challenges that leverage my skills and experience (while also learning new tools and skills along the way).”

Brian O’Connor, Director of Sales Ops

“It feels like I am developing new skill sets everyday. It is really exciting to be a part of a startup that really stretches the way you problem solve and execute. I admire the way my leaders approach solutions and I do my best to mirror that.”

Leo Freitas, Customer Operations
Hannah Kody

“The people make Tropic what it is, and some outstanding humans work here. Tropic provides an exciting and fast-paced work environment that stretches you professionally and also values the person behind the work. That’s a lovely combination, and I’m so grateful to be here.”

Hannah Kody, Customer Success Manager

“Tropic encourages a culture that emphasizes the value of communication, not just within your own team but with other teams and leadership. Leadership encourages you to set up coffee chats with them and are candid about what is happening around us. This has led to trust amongst all members.”

Amanda Haydock, Sr Customer Success Manager

Didier Perez
“In Tropic I have a very talented group of teammates I can learn from and share my knowledge with. The work I do always allows me to learn something new and tackle new challenges. My engineering manager looks after me at both a professional and personal level, which makes this feel not just “another job,” but one where I can actually trust people and feel supported. Apart from all of that, I still have time to spend time with my family and to be a dad!”

Didier Perez, Software Engineer

“We are hired to do a job and then given the tools and freedom to do that job. Sounds simple but so many companies overcomplicate that.”

Gregg Rossman, Sr Commercial Executive

Erika Baker
“I have exposure to leadership so frequently that I’m able to exercise different levels of communication which is super important as I grow in my career. Also working as a part of a company that is solving a problem for an up and coming space in the market is so exciting, and a unique learning environment that will bring value to everything I do throughout my career."

Erika Baker, Group Product Manager

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