SaaS Buying: 3 Strategies for Winning, Data-driven Negotiations

Negotiations can be stressful and time-consuming. Between tedious preparation, unreliable data, and frustrating back-and-forth, your time disappears while your headaches ramp up. And suppliers often have the upper hand.

Michael Shields, Kate Seagriff, and Mandy McGovern share their top negotiation tips and 3 proven ways to increase your leverage.

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What You’ll Learn

With the right questions, a proven framework, and an air-tight case backed by data, you can level the playing field, reclaim your time, and secure the best price for your company.

You’ll walk away knowing:

Key questions to ask in every negotiation

Crucial actions that spare you the frustrating back-and-forth

How to leverage unbiased benchmark data for better pricing

About the Speakers


Michael Shields

Head of Procurement Strategy, Tropic


Kate Seagriff

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Operations, Navan


Mandy McGovern

Commercial Executive Group Manager, Tropic