Tropic helps you get to a signature faster

Tropic was built by former salespeople. We want to help you get to a decision. Buyers use us to execute their procurement processes, but we give vendors predictability, transparency, and velocity in your deals. By working with former sales reps, it’s easy to create a close plan together and execute.

Vendors and approval choices

Introduction to Tropic

Tropic is an outsourced purchasing team your client is using to help them execute software buys. We come from the vendor side, and we recognized a need for a more streamlined purchasing process.

We are former software salespeople who understand the complexities involved in a purchasing process. We work for our clients, but we want to work with you to get each deal to an outcome that works well for everyone.

We help salespeople with:


Once your champion introduces us, we will share our goals clearly with you and invite you to do the same. This helps us get through each deal quickly.

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Timely Deal Intelligence

We provide ongoing insights and updates throughout the deal. As former reps, we can appreciate how important it is to be open and timely.

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On-Time Close Plans

We’ll co-create a close pan with you and execute. We will ensure that our client meets each deadline to get to a decision on time.

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Qualified Leads

Help us understand your qualifications, and apply to join our database of approved providers for increased visibility in your target market.

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Vendors with approval option

Tropic Approved Providers

Tropic Approved Providers have exposure across all of our clients through our database. We have spent the last year building out a network of qualified vendors that our buyers can reference for new purchases. If you’re approved, this is an inside track into new business opportunities from the moment they form.

Dylan Flye headshot
Dylan Flye, VP of Sales at Simon Data
We use Tropic not only to buy software, but also to sell software. Being in their provider network has been extremely valuable to us. We love working with them because they know how to spot and refer qualified opportunities for us, and they help our reps understand exactly what’s going on in each deal as only a team with sales experience can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I introduced to Tropic?

We have been introduced because your contact is in the late stages of a decision. They are the decision-maker, but they use Tropic to manage the internal approvals process and financial discussion.

Are you incentivized by how much money you save?

No, we collect a flat fee from our clients that does not change based on the level of savings. We focus only on the objectives our clients have, nothing more. We exist to save them time.

When will this process conclude?

Hopefully faster than it does normally. We will be transparent about your decision-maker's goals, and we ask that you do the same. This will enable us to execute the process quickly and get to a winning outcome.

So you're not the decision-maker?

Your decision-maker has entrusted us with this process. Without experience selling SaaS, it's sometimes hard to know how to buy it. We have received this discussion because there is a greater likelihood of a mutually beneficial outcome in less time.

How does Tropic create leads for us?

First, apply to join the Tropic Approved Provider Network. We will ask for your standard discovery questionnaire and basic qualifications. When other clients have needs your company delivers on, we can recommend your services.