Tropic + Ironclad

Streamline the contract approval process with Ironclad

Many of Tropic’s customers use Ironclad for Legal workflows and signing Contracts. Integrate the two systems to initiate workflows, sync statuses, and eliminate manual processes.

Link Tropic and Ironclad workflows

Connect and sync approval tasks in Tropic to an Ironclad workflow so that approval tasks in Tropic workflows can trigger an Ironclad workflow.  

Automatically close and open tasks in Tropic

When the linked Ironclad workflow has been completed, it will automatically complete approval tasks in Tropic and continue with the Tropic workflow.

Keep track of approval statuses 

See all pending and approved Ironclad statuses within the Tropic approval task and approval activity feed. 

Provide visibility to stakeholders or users in Tropic that may not have access to Ironclad.

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