Tropic + Ironclad

Streamline the contract approval process with Ironclad

Many of Tropic’s customers use Ironclad for Legal workflows and signing Contracts. Integrate the two systems to initiate workflows, sync statuses, and eliminate manual processes.

Link Tropic and Ironclad workflows

Connect and sync approval tasks in Tropic to an Ironclad workflow so that approval tasks in Tropic workflows can trigger an Ironclad workflow.  

Automatically close and open tasks in Tropic

When the linked Ironclad workflow has been completed, it will automatically complete approval tasks in Tropic and continue with the Tropic workflow.

Keep track of approval statuses 

See all pending and approved Ironclad statuses within the Tropic approval task and approval activity feed. 

Provide visibility to stakeholders or users in Tropic that may not have access to Ironclad.

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Tropic + Ironclad

Streamline the contract approval process with Ironclad

Tropic Intake Orchestration for Coupa gives everyone at your company an intuitive, easy–to–use intake experience for initiating requests.

Ensure compliance and efficiency from Tropic Request to Coupa Purchase Requisition—and beyond.

See Tropic + Coupa in Action

Experience a seamless, end-to-end intake-to-pay solution.

Tropic integrates with your core tools, enabling you to orchestrate your entire intake process in one place. Through our certified Coupa App Marketplace solution, requests originating in Tropic can be converted into Purchase Requisitions in Coupa.

Increase the adoption of your intake process, and increase the volume of PO-backed spend managed in Coupa.

Remove Friction

Orchestrate your entire intake process in one place for streamlined approvals.

Increase Adoption

Use Tropic as the single front door for all purchase requests and renewals.

Gain Visibility

Effortlessly convert requests in Tropic to Purchase Requisitions in Coupa.

Intelligent Intake Forms

Streamline purchasing with one app that serves as the front door and entryway for getting requests from employees into Coupa. Intuitive, easy–to–navigate forms guide requesters through the buying process, increasing both process adoption and policy compliance. Once a supplier contract is signed, automatically convert the Tropic request into a Coupa PR.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Customizable Intake Questionnaires

Asking the right questions upfront ensures an efficient, frictionless handoff from Tropic to Coupa. Customizable, intake questions can leverage category-specific questions and if/then logic to streamline requirements gathering and enforce policy compliance.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration
“With the market shift towards cost savings and efficiency, the need for procurement process compliance and adoption is imperative now. We’re proud to have Tropic on the Coupa App Marketplace to give our customers a user-friendly front door for every procurement request that can be easily flipped into a Coupa purchase requisition.”
Nigel Pegg

Nigel Pegg

VP & GM of Coupa Platform and App Marketplace

Coupa logo white

Procurement Workflow Studio

Tropic’s visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder puts pre-Coupa processes on autopilot. Design and build multiple workflows and let intake information determine which workflow is initiated.

Dynamic routing logic enforces policy compliance, streamlines reviews, facilitates stakeholder collaboration, and creates an audit trail for every request. Configure triggers to initiate a Purchase Requisition in Coupa to complete the procure-to-pay process.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

Request Management & Status Updates

Tropic’s Slack notifications keep you up-to-date on assigned tasks and status updates throughout the process, including notifications once requests move from Tropic to Coupa.

Once passed into Coupa, status syncs can provide visibility to stakeholders in Tropic to monitor progress.

Tropic Platform User Interface Illustration

On-Demand Price Checks for Software

Stay up-to-date on product releases, brush up on feature-specific tips and tricks, and review how-to articles for the platform.

Whether you are logging into Tropic for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, our detailed Help Center is your one-stop shop for Tropic knowledge.

One place for every purchase

Ensure company-wide adoption from Tropic Request to Coupa Purchase Requisition with the easy-to-use intake portal of your dreams.

See Tropic + Coupa in Action