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Never miss an update with real-time Slack notifications for upcoming renewals, pending approvals, task updates, and much more.

Tropic makes discovering, buying, managing, and renewing software more efficient with a powerful combination of data, tools, and services. Tropic has negotiated thousands of SaaS contracts and manages $1.6b in spend—saving companies up to 30% on their software spend while giving them 400+ hours back on their calendar each year. With the Tropic app, users can receive notifications for tasks that open for them, contracts they own that are up for renewal, @mentions on Requests in Tropic, and Requests you submit.

Installing The App For Slack To Your Organization In Tropic

Note: Before starting, make sure you are logged into the Slack workspace you’d like to use in the same browser where you will be performing the steps below.

Requirements: In order to set up Tropic’s integration with Slack for your Tropic instance, you need to have a paid subscription to Tropic and you need to be an ‘Owner’ Role Type to set this up for your entire organization.

1. Visit

2. Log in using your credentials for Tropic.

3. Visit the Settings page

4. In Settings, visit the Integrations page:

5. Click “Connect” on the integration for Slack card

6. A drawer modal will open, click the purple “Connect” button on it. This will open a new tab with the Slack OAuth permission.

7. On the Slack OAuth page, click “Allow”

8. After a few seconds this page should refresh and show a success message with a link to where you can go next:

9. The previous page should have automatically refreshed to the connected state for the integration for Slack:

10. Congrats, you have successfully set up Tropic’s Integration for Slack! Any of your users that have the same exact email address both in your Slack Workspace and your Tropic instance will automatically receive a Welcome Message in Slack. For any users where these email addresses are different, they will need to follow the instructions in the ‘Connecting a User to Slack’ section in this article.

Connecting A User To Slack

Note: These instructions are only for any users where these email addresses are different and therefore their Slack and Tropic accounts were not automatically connected.

1. Visit

2. Log in using your credentials

3. Visit the Settings page

4. In Settings, visit the Integrations page:

5. Where it says “Your Slack is disconnected…” click the “Connect” button

6. On the modal that pops up, enter an email address that matches the user you want to use in the connected Slack workspace and click save:

7. If the email is matched correctly, you will receive a verification request in Slack and the state of the notifications page will change to “pending verification”:

8. On the verification message in Slack, click “Approve”.

9. The verification message should be replaced with a welcome message

10. The notifications page in Tropic should now show “Connected”

Slack Notification Use Cases

1. Tasks & Approvals that you own

  1. Anytime you have a Task or Approval that opens up that you are assigned to, you will receive a notification in Slack alerting you about this task with details you need to know right away as well as a link to go directly to the task within Tropic.

2. Comments you are @mentioned in on Requests

  1. When you are mentioned in any Comments on a Request, you will receive a notification in Slack with who mentioned you and what the comment was as well as a link to go to that Request to respond!

3. Contract Renewal Reminders to Contract Owners

  1. Contract Owners will receive a Renewal Reminder for any Contracts they own with a link to the Contract with Request so you don’t miss any time when you need to make a Renewal!

4. Purchase Requests that you Submit

  1. Get a confirmation notification of any Requests that you have submitted in Tropic.


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