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SaaS runs our businesses, but it also runs our budgets. Tropic is a cost-savings platform that automatically finds ways for you to eliminate waste and control software costs.

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To receive this $150 Airbnb gift card: you must be a director + seniority level in a decision-making role on the procurement, finance, IT, or Operations team for a US-based company with at least 150 employees. Limit one promotional item per company. You must take a meeting with Tropic to receive the gift card.

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Unified Spend Management

Purchasing decisions have to balance the interests of both bottom line and company efficiency. Tropic’s platform provides the visibility, control, and data modern businesses require to strike that balance—eliminating waste while boosting productivity.

Proven Results

Every drop of savings matters

Eliminate waste while boosting productivity—it’s a win-win.


Average Savings


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Average ROI

Before Tropic

  • Wild West purchasing
  • Contracts lost in inboxes
  • Negotiating with no data
  • Unused licenses & tools
  • Manual and painful

After Tropic

  • Employees follow process
  • Contracts are centralized
  • Know exactly where you'll land
  • Optimize every dollar
  • Easy and automated

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